Friday, January 6, 2012

Decluttering Pins (Pinterest) & shower cleaner update

I have completed January 4, 5, 6 from the 2012 Declutter calendar.  I have decluttered the top shelf of one (make that 2) cabinets.  I have gone through my spices and threw out old ones (as well as some we tried but just didn't care for).  My cupboards are really deep and for that reason I don't like having some stuff too far back because I forget about it (especially on the higher shelves where I can't see all the way back) and then I buy more.  I glanced quickly through cabinets to see if there are any items I can put at the top/back, but at the moment I am not sure what to move.  I will sleep on it and decide later.  Kitchen cabinets and cupboards are part of Week 2 in the 52 week challenge anyways.

For the 52 weeks to an organized home - I seriously did the counter tops and table (Week 1) can barely tell now :(  Granted dh did some cleaning in his office and that ended up on my counter tops, but I am sure I can get them back to clear tomorrow.

As an update on our shower with the vinegar/dawn cleaner - that stuff works amazing!!!!  Seriously, I have scrubbed at that shower with so many different things and nothing got it as clean as this did.  Personally, I think any soap would probably work because I think the soap helps the vinegar stick and do it's job (since soaking things with hard water in vinegar works).  My shower hasn't felt that smooth in a long time.  So I am very happy with the results of trying out that pin.

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