Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tried out 2 new pins today

DD1 and I made some recycled crayons.  I picked up a silicone muffin tray at the superstore while getting groceries tonight to make some recycled crayons with the broken crayons we had sorted out of her craft supplies.

There were multiple pins (and I also googled it) on how to make these crayon creations and the temperatures in the instructions all varied.  We have a gas oven and the lowest setting I read was 150 degrees all the way up to 300.  I tried 230 based on the one website - well they were not melting.  So I tried 250 and it took about 20+ min for it to melt at that temperature.  (Most sites said 15-20 min).  The first batch not all the crayons were melted and it still mixed on the top causing the yucky brown.  DD1 wanted to mix up the colours so that's what we did.  The second batch I tried to convince her to stick with more like colours but she still ended up doing some mixing.  Both batches I had one botched crayon - one wasn't fully hardened when I tried to pop it out and the 2nd time around one (which turned out nice for colour) broke in 1/2.

First Batch -Bottoms
First Batch - Tops (you can see crayons that didn't melt at all too)

2nd batch - bottoms

2nd batch - tops
We have more crayons to melt tomorrow and will see how those turn out as well.

I also made the vinegar/dawn cleaner pin which is supposed to be good for cleaning hard water stains.  We have hard water (even with our softener).  I have tried my enjo (which I love) with marble paste and everything but it just doesn't get it clean even with scrubbing.  I tried this spray on my bathroom since (which the most clean I have ever gotten it was with a magic eraser) and it has made a difference!  The hard water spots are only where the water tends to sit, so as long as the sink gets dried off in the places the water sits it should stay fairly good without having to use this all the time.  My shower is currently sprayed and waiting to see the results.  I sprayed the extension from the shower head and could already scrape some of it off with my nail without any problem. I also scrubbed the tap and the water spots have come off! (Disclaimer - I did not have BLUE dawn - I had green antibacterial ultra concentrated and it still worked - I don't know if the blue would have worked better.  Even though it was concentrated I also still made it based on the directions of 12 oz of each product).  Sorry no pictures for this one.

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