Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home again

We had a great vacation. Cailyn loved the beach, park boat etc. Jared loved the park. Didn't care for the water but was pretty good in the boat.

Cailyn absolutely adored seeing the twins each and every time!

She went swimming off the boat and did really well (I was told - didn't go with)
Then she got to 'drive' the boat.

Where they went swimming there was a rope swing - Cailyn didn't go off it though.
At the beach
Jared got to drive the boat too
And liked to pretend to drive Uncle Harry's golf cart
At the park

Now the unfortunate part......we came home to a nice clean house (Thanks Cor) but we came home also to a tripped breaker (the one our deep freezer is on) and about $200 in food that had been thawed for a week. Fortunately, the freezer wasn't full and the stench from the rotten meat appears to be out of the freezer.

Also before we left I knew something wasn't right with our washing machine. Well the drum is loose and therefore the washer is broken! Gerald already fixed it once this year (2 separate problems....the one problem would cause it to run our well dry...great for low water usage). He doesn't feel like trying to fix this problem and also thinks that the drum is quite a bit of $$$ as he knows someone else who also replaced their drum (but they got it for free).

At least I had some meat upstairs in the freezer too so I don't have to go out and buy a lot of meat. So it's not an expense I have to worry about right now.

The washer - well we are looking at buying a new one - any suggestions for a front load high efficiency washer would be appreciated. We will NOT buy a Kenmore again!

For the grocery budget - I was doing so well! But then Gerald took a trip to Costco so I was about $80 over budget. I make it so that any over or under budget goes to the next week. Currently, I am $38.78 over budget.


Jen said...

We have an LG front load washer. We just bought it this winter and I absolutely LOVE it. But since we've only had it for about 6 months I can't say how long it will go without having any problems. But I think LG is a good name brand.
Sorry to hear about all your meat... what a pain!
Glad you had a good vacation!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures from the cottage! Looks like you all had a good time.
What a pain about your freezer - I can't even imagine how bad the stench from that was - gross!
Hmmmm, not sure what to say about the washer - we have a Kenmore and I love it. When we bought it, it had the best reviews in the Consumer Reports. Hopefully it's a different model than yours was!