Friday, July 4, 2008

Grocery Budget June 27-July 3

Stayed $4.18 under budget! Which will be carried over to next week. Not needing milk helped a lot.

Since we do school grocery day and it was 2 months of groceries I divided the total I had to pay by 8 and subtracted that amount off for the next 8 weeks.

For Entertainment budget - past 2 weeks, I did some estimates and I was less than $1 over budget. We have eaten out a lot less than usual which helps.

For clothing budget - I needed a bathing suit for holidays so I bought a tankini and bought 2 different sized for tops so I can wear it when I am not pregnant too. They were 40% off but it still made me about $10 over budget. (Which gets subtracted from the following week). But I used my gift card from all the baby bottles I returned.

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