Friday, June 27, 2008

Grocery Budget for the week of June 20-26

Well I had already spent $67.23 at the Real Canadian SuperStore on friday.

I needed milk and Shoppers Drug Mart (cheapest place to buy milk) was offering 15x the points if you spend $50. Since it's not a 20x day I tried to keep it close to $50. The Nativa products were also 20x the points if you spend $10. Since I never tried this product before I picked up 4 different items totaling $11.46

I picked up pull ups and good nights because although I don't need them they were on sale and there were in store coupons for $2.50 and $3 off. I only picked up one pack of each.

DD came in with me and I gave in and let her get Oreo cookies - so possibly the major over priced item of the evening!

My total with tax after coupons was $59.76. So I am over my $100 grocery budget for this week. The milk will last us into next week and I have deducted my 'over spending' from next weeks budget. Which means I have $73.01 for next weeks grocery budget.

But on the bright side I earned 11540 in points which brings me closer to a better redemption level for bonus redemption days!

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Laura VMS said...

I think you did pretty good all things considered. You might find that certain weeks in a month you will spend a little bit more then the $100 because you run out of the necessities (toilet paper, paper towels, cleaners etc.) At least, that is what I find. Good for you for taking advantage of the points at Shopper's though! I also think that it is good that you are subtracting what you went over this week from next week's "allowance". Good job!