Thursday, May 8, 2008

May is here

Well it's a new month. So far surviving work (since I didn't work much last month). Just got trained on inputting information into the new computer system we are using (ok we weren't on any computer system before....I am so glad to start getting rid of paper!!!!). Anyways I enjoy that although I do it along with all the other things we have to do in the day. According to another co-worker the 'boss' is pretty impressed with how quick I am at doing it. But I enjoy doing things like that (should have went into a different profession).

The kids are enjoying playing outside now. Can't wait for it to get a bit warmer (it's really cold out today). Got to love my deck (that I can lock them on) and fenced in yard! Don't have to chase away from the road or off the driveway!

Cailyn is really starting to recognize her letters. We sure didn't teach her...maybe Linda or her boys? She says no one told her. She was never interested in letters/numbers at all before so it's nice to see that now she is. She's getting so big! Hard to believe that in September she can start JK.

Baby is kicking away (mostly my bladder). Cailyn likes to put her hand on my stomach and say she felt it (although the baby hasn't kicked anytime she has). She also tries to look in my belly button and talks to the baby through my belly button. She had the revelation that maybe Jared would like a brother, but she still picked a girl baby. Then with wide eyes she points at my belly and states - maybe there is a boy baby and a girl baby in there! So I had to tell her that no there was just ONE baby. I think she will be a good big sister to the baby. Hopefully not too helpful (with Jared she would try and pick him up... she was only 2!) Jared has no clue about the baby. I'm starting to show more (finally) pulled out my maternity shirts (can still wear some non-maternity shirts but not many) but I am still wearing my normal jeans.

Laura had a meal planning Monday post from I thought I would check it out since I love organizing and making's just keeping it that way and actually doing what the list says! I've thought that I need to get more organized especially with summer coming. Gerald was very helpful this winter and even started doing laundry!!!!! But as the season progresses he will have less time to help me out and will be working more and more hours. So I NEED to get more organized. I'm working on a 2 week schedule (since my work is based on a 2 week rotation) and then I have to add pulling and shipping orders into that mix for the website. I am going to have to leave any pulling of orders until after Gerald gets home because Jared liked to pull out the colour dividers (with the name of the colour) for the paper and he also likes to throw eyelets on the floor.

Borrowed some cloth Bumgenius diapers from Laura since Jared leaks through overnight (head to toe..strip the bed kind of wet). They worked great. Checked them out online and they are on average $4 a piece cheaper in the states - but the manufacturer new rules are no shipping internationally. But my cousin has friends in the states and said I could ship to them and he would get them for me. So far all the stores I found (with other items I liked) are completely sold out! Also found that Medella breast pumps (which are BPA free) are half the price in the states.

Working on getting Cailyn to help more. She loves to fold washcloths (she's pretty good too considering). Today I had her clear the table after lunch. She said she was too little to bring the breakable dishes to the sink but I assured her that she could. She didn't even complain...instill it in young when they think it's fun right?

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