Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What happened in April...well a brief overview

Well it seems like I didn't work very much! Was sick for a few days, had bereavement leave for a couple and then also took one weekend off for the Spring Crop. I think I will have only worked maybe 8 days this month! (out of 15 scheduled shift) Of course working would have been much more preferable to the reasons I took most of the days off.

We had the spring crop this past weekend and it went well. A lot of work though!

I had my US yesterday. Everything looks fine with the baby and the baby weighs 1 lb. I think I have only gained about 4-5lbs so far this pregnancy. The baby has been kicking (definite kicking) which is nice (since now it's not jabbing my ribs yet etc). Cailyn is still adamant that it HAS to be a girl because she picks a girl and she already has a brother....she needs a sister. When you ask her what to name the baby it's the last baby that she saw (heard of)......so it's been Hailey (cousin), Jaelyn (another cousin), and Addie (a cousin she just met since they live in the US).

Returned my Avent bottles, pump and sterilizer. I don't think there is an official recall yet, but some store are doing voluntary recalls taking them back (at their loss I think) because the products contain BPA. Which can cause fertility problems, breast cancer and prostate cancer. With a family history of BOTH cancers - I'm not willing to take the risk. Some sippys are also beign accepted but I haven't tried to return those yet. Also in looking up BPA I discovered my Tupperware Rock N Serve also contain BPA. Wonderful - they go in the microwave often to heat up our food! So I am seriously looking at getting rid of a lot of plastics in my house and looking at alternative items. There just seems to be so many people getting cancer younger and younger and with all the junk we put in our bodies I am now questioning the safety of a lot more things that we use.

Discovered this past week what I feel like if I forget my thyroid medication......I usually take it at around noon. Well I notice I forget by around 8:30pm; I am super cold and want to go to bed! I finally at 9pm realized it was because I forgot my pill. Being on the medication definitely makes a WORLD of difference. I am not freezing cold (this was before the warm snap we had), I don't feel the urge to go to bed at 8-8:30pm, and I actually feel like going out and doing something!

Well I'm going to watch some NCIS with dh before I go to bed......

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