Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Had my OB appt yesterday. Everything is fine. I'm just starting to look more pregnant. In a few weeks get to go for bloodwork again and get my rogham.

Decided (because of Laura's blog) to cook supper tonight. Was looking through a recipe finder online and found a slow cooker meatloaf. Instead of the slow cooker I thought I would try it in the oven. I didn't put the stuff overtop but mixed the brown sugar and ketchup right in and opted to put cheese on top (and in).

There were some ingredients I didn't have (and some I don't like anyways) so I just left out or substituted. Cailyn enjoyed trying to help me.

I didn't care for it, but also wasn't that hungry....Cailyn refused to eat supper but Gerald and Jared liked it (Gerald had 3 pieces so I guess he liked it).

Doing meal planning would be a little more difficult for me since I'm gone a few suppers a week and don't know where the kids will be eating or whether Gerald will eat it. I can meal plan for the days I am home though. Now to find things they (that includes Gerald!) will eat!

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