Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well today I had my first Ultrasound. I asked the tech where the placenta was, she said nice and high up - so no worries about another placenta previa!

She also said I had my date wrong (I was kinda guessing anyways) and I am due September 8. (The day after my b-day). With the date moving up - we will have 3 kids birthdays within 1 month.

While I was at my appointment Jared was cranky but he had wet his crib (everyday pretty much) and I forgot to strip it and put new sheets on, so Gerald decided to lay him down in the bottom bunk and Jared went to sleep! So we decided to try again tonight and so far so good! He has always been an early to bed child (unlike Cailyn) so hopefully this will keep up. Tonight both kids are in Cailyn's room and all is quiet. The real test is to see what happens at about 3-4am - Jared's normal time to start chatting (or at times crying). We have tried to do a later bedtime to prevent this, but late or early it doesn't make a difference.

Also while I was gone Cailyn decided that she was going to take out the big foam letters out of Jared's room. Why? Well because the baby needs to sleep in Jared's room and isn't going to like Jared's letters in HER room. No, we don't know what we are having, but Cailyn is quite insistent that it HAS to be a girl because she already has a brother and needs a sister. I'm working on the 'you can't pick' what kind of baby you have with her. Girl would be handy though because we don't have any clue what to name a boy.....well I have a name....Gerald doesn't like it.

Cailyn also asked why I had to go to the Dr (my OB appt was right after the US because they do the US right in the OB office now). So I told her that they would be taking a picture of the baby. The first thing she asked when I got home was to see the picture of the baby. I showed her the US and at first she seemed a little confused. But when I pointed out the baby's head she seemed to clue in to the odd looking thing on the US.

This is my first day off for 7 days! Of course it will be busy. I am going to be a vendor at a fundraiser crop the weekend (2 days) and we have a baptism to go to. So the time off is really for preparation for the crop.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear there's no worries about placenta previa this time!
Nice that they moved your date up - better than the other way around.