Monday, July 23, 2007

Jared's appointment with the opthamologist

We had his appointment today. Jared has convergent strabismus (which is the cross eyes) and amblyopia (which is a lazy eye). His eyes in general are healthy it's just that because the one eye turns in he doesn't use it the same and the brain ignores the improper focused image. So he sees perfectly's just that he's only using one eye to see it.

We are going to have to put patches on for 2-3 hours every day until the next appointment (which is in about 4 weeks). If anyone has tips on how to keep him from ripping them off I'd love to hear them!

He will also have to have surgery. Which will be discussed more at the next appointment. The surgery is to just straighten out the muscles it won't correct his vision (which is why we have to patch). He may need more than one surgery and it's preferable to have the surgeries done before he's 18 months. So all this will hopefully come up quick and go well.

The Dr said that at this point we don't need to think about glasses.

As a bright side. Jared took ONE step while at the appointment (when we were waiting).


Anonymous said...

Awww, poor Jared! I hope, for his sake, that it's corrected in the next couple years. I had the same thing growing up, and it was quite embarrassing... and kids can be so cruel too - I remember getting made fun of all the time. I also had surgeries on it when I was 4 and 6 years old, but apparently the doctor said it was just a guessing game as to how much to tighten the muscles. Technology has probably improved a lot since then though. I was scheduled for another surgery on it when I was 14, but then a week before I accidently splashed CLR cleaner into my eye, and it corrected itself! I'm thinking it ate at the muscle that was holding my eye inwards? I don't recommend doing that, but it makes for a neat story anyways!
I had to wear patches too, although I don't remember it - but there's pictures to prove it. No advice on keeping him from ripping them off - he's not exactly old enough to explain it to! Hopefully they'll be really sticky and he won't be able to take them off - although then it'll hurt him when you have to take it off.
That's crazy that he took a step already! He can't walk yet - Leah's not even walking! :0)

G & S said...

the makers of patches are smart....peel them off once and they won't stick to skin again. yesterday we went through 3 patches - but he seemed to forget about it and I left it on longer than the 3 hours. Today we have used 2 patches and then he got tired - so I put him hopefully he will wake up with it on. I found a forum about this and it gives tips to keeping them on.

The surgery is just to straighten - the Dr didn't say much he said we'll talk about it next appointment. He's a retiring Dr so he has a lot of experience.

Don't worry he's not walking. Jared is SO cautious yesterday was the first time he pushed the walking toy and walked pushing a box. Normally you stand him up by it and he sits. At Elim was the first time he took steps when you held his hands. He is definitely opposite of Cailyn.

Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

Hoping he will be keeping them on. I was going to ask that...they're sticky right. My guess is the first couple of days are going to be the worst but then he might just become accustomed to it.