Monday, July 23, 2007


Ok so my pictures are in no particular order. Linda definitely has more pictures than I do as she was more faithful in taking her camera with. A few of my pictures are dark....but I didn't take them...I won't say who did lol.

We had a lot of fun. Cailyn loved the snackery and 'play park'. She only had one trip to the beach as after she was sick (sort of....happy and appeared perfectly healthy...she just doesn't react well to the water..).Jared spent a lot of time in here or being carried. We did put him on the ground and he loved to eat the dirt, twigs and grass.
My mom sitting outside of our motel. We 'roughed it' it even had air conditioning although it wasn't really necessary. We did put it on because the windows didn't open and it got stuffy.
Waiting in line to play a game and the Family Fun Fair.
Look at all my tickets mom!!!
Gerald helping Cailyn get her shot.
Not too happy.
He has started sticking out his tongue a lot.....'deJong tongue' - we'll have to wait and see if he will be able to touch his nose with it.
Alex, Maya and Cailyn at the park.
Tubing as a family (well without Jared). Cailyn went on earlier with Gerald and loved it. I have pictures from the shore of that. Amber (my cousin's girlfriend has some pictures from the boat of them I think)
Cathy and Maya's turn was cut short due to a storm that came in quick.
Behind Grandma's trailer was a perfect sandbox.
On Maya's bicycle. She did actually pedal it a bit. She was too short for it though and was mostly peddling forward and then backward (which is the breaks).
Jared's form of tubing.

First day at Elim and at play park!

Jared and Grandma
Sylvia and Cailyn
At the beach

I wasn't a faithful camera carrier (and even though I took our other camera that can do video I didn't take it). But I took pictures with my mom's camera too - so I will have to get them from her.

We discovered at Elim 2 white spots under Jared's top teeth may be in his future. (He doesn't have teeth yet).


Anonymous said...

Fun pictures! I love the close-up one of you and Gerald with Cailyn tubing. Glad you guys got to get away and have a nice vacation together!

Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

Hope to see you next year!!