Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How does it look?

We switched shopping carts for our site. The old one we used...most of the features we wanted had to be added and took a while for Gerald to figure out (I didn't have the patience to) and then some of them never worked. I also had a hard time editing the template to get it how I wanted.

So this new cart many of the things I want are already in it....I added some new features (that I don't think the old one had) that will come in very handy for me. AND I am adding most of them! Gerald had to do a couple fixes for me and there are 2 more things I need him to figure out. But for the rest I managed to figure it out (well posted on the forum for help on the one.....turns out there was a piece of code not there....and I figured it out....very surprising for me lol).

I even added a favicon (it's the little icon in the address box.....I just learned today that, that was the name for it)

I know I sound like a computer geek right?

Here is the new main page
and the new catalog page

Oh and I was inspired enough to do a little was kinda a trace.....and then some additions. The colours are made to match the custom business cards I had made from vista print.

I also made the website blogs to match.

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