Friday, August 3, 2007

This week

Pirate Jared - as Cailyn likes to call him. The patching went great (considering his age) the first week. It has been a challenge since! He can get the patch off with fingerless fleece mittens on. He doesn't like it at all and doesn't get distracted from it for too long. The best day was taking him in the swing and to see the dog etc. But it's been so hot I don't want him outside for 2-3 hours just so I have an easy time with the patch. The first week we were pretty much getting the 2-3 hours in consecutively. Since then it's a hit or miss. Sometimes it's 2 hours straight (well with replacing the patch a lot). His skin is starting to get irritated and I wish there was an alternate - but the only thing I can find online is a patch over glasses. He doesn't have them and won't keep on sunglasses.
11 Months - Jared was 11 months on July 25. He still weighs about the same - weighed him at home and the scale was 20.2lbs. He's cruising, finally starting to push things to cruise and will walk a bit when you hold his hands. He's so cautious he generally just laughs and sits down when you try to get him to walk a little. His crawling is funny as he now crawls normal with one leg and the other he puts his foot up to push....have to see it - hard to describe. Can't take a video because my MIL has our camera with the video capability.
Well this week Pam called us up (sister-in-law - for those who don't know) and we went to Storybook Gardens in the morning. It was hot. Cailyn loved it and really enjoyed pretty much everything. We didn't spend too much time looking at animals as she was more interested in the play equipment and the splash pad. We missed walking out past Humpty Dumpty and the seal - but that's ok since the kids weren't too interested in the animals anyways. After we had a leisurely lunch at McDonald's and then a visit at our place where they played on the deck, trampoline, sandbox and in the house. We were going to visit with Pam the next day but the kids were so tuckered out still.This is about the only picture that Cailyn is looking (by herself - I have pics of her with her cousin but don't know if it's ok to post so I'm not going to)
Jared - not to impressed. I took him out and let him pick up twigs etc. But mostly pulled mulch out of his mouth.
Cailyn went down that slide by herself. I was quite impressed - she loved it. She's the one climbing with the kid in the red.

Cailyn loved the splash pad. Jared was much more cautious (as usual) but seemed to like splashing a little. He was definitely NOT at all like Cailyn was when we went 2 years ago (they were probably about the same age for comparison). Just shows how 2 kids are so different....and mine definitely are. I don't have pictures since I was taking Jared in (got soaked) and too busy making sure Cailyn didn't run into change rooms etc.

Wednesday - Gerald had to pick up a payment for work out of town (1/2 way to my mom's) so we went after work. We still had a 3rd car seat in the back of the van and Cailyn wanted to go in it. On the highway (so no pulling over) she decided she didn't want to be in it and was screaming pretty much the whole way. So when we got there we switched her and she must have bopped herself in the face when we were driving because the poor girl had a small bloody nose. She was crying for Grandma the whole time (when mom and dad say no - it's I want my grandma) so we got her a popsicle - Gerald went to pick up the money and since it was 7pm and not far from Grandma - we took the trip to my mom's. Cailyn and Jared went swimming and my brother stopped by with some of his kids. Cailyn never sees the boys much when we visit because they are always downstairs playing on the computer - and she was scared of them. This was the first time I have ever seen her scared of someone. She kept calling them 'those kids.' (keep in mind she will also call a 60year old a kid).

Yesterday we did nothing and it was nice. I showed Cailyn my collection of Disney and let her pick one out to watch and she was so excited.

No plans for today - Linda gave another invite for Storybook - but since we already went on Tuesday I decided to pass this time.

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Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

Well that looks like a lot of fun. I think we will go sometime in the near future. We didn't end up going to Story Book...wanted another adult to chat with ;o)