Monday, June 25, 2007

Hummingbird, 10 months and popular? (edit)

Friday evening Gerald noticed a Hummingbird on the garage floor. It fluttered it's wings a bit. We were not sure whether it was injured or not - so we decided to just leave it alone (after taking some pictures and showing Cailyn).

Jared is 10 months old today! Time does fly. (edit) He nows weighs about 20lbs! I always crop pics and shrink for the blog (faster to put on the blog) and I accidentally saved it with the original's name (usually change the name so I still have the original pic). Total blond moment I guess.
I wanted a picture of the 2 of them together but Cailyn wasn't too interested.

Popular.....probably wondering what that's about. Well I got a phone call this afternoon (private so should have ignored it). I could barely understand the person due to accent and a lot of background noise on her end. Anyways it was something to do with website optimization etc. I couldn't understand half of what she said. She asked about what I would search my site for I said "scrapbooking Canada"....she asked how I ranked...I told her #1 on most....she didn't seem to believe she searched....yep #1 on google....#1 on yahoo.....then says something clue what....and I understand her saying supervisor...say fine...figure maybe she speaks more clear and I can maybe understand. She questions me whether it's #1 because I'm paying for it (google adwords) or a natural rank. I say natural rank. This person also hard to understand but not as bad. So I say what I want to say finally (well I tried to earlier but never was allowed to finish)....."I'm not interested in website husband and I do this ourselves and we rank quite well thank you very much and we are not interested in paying for anything to do with that." phew what a mouthful....she thanks me and lets me go. It's was one of those weird calls also because they kept asking YES questions. Which always makes me uneasy because you hear of those scammers who you end up buying something because you said yes to a "how are you today." So I figure our website must be popular if we get telemarketing for it....funny thing is - I have right on the site to only contact via phone if it is something that requires immediate attention. Guess they can't read.

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Household of Faith said...

Cute picture of Jared, can't believe how fast he's growing. Before you know it he'll be a year! They grow so fast.