Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We have water

As of about 7pm last night we have water. #1 prioroty was SHOWERS! Oh showers are so very very nice!!!

When Gerald told the guy at the pump store that we had no water since Sunday afternoon - he said what happened to Monday (for bringing it in)...Gerald replied he has a very tolerant wife.

I guess we were lucky it hadn't broke one of the other times the well went dry! We also asked about the pressure tank...seems like we may need a new one (we have to put air in it a LOT - the guy said the bladder probably has a hole in it).


Household of Faith said...

Glad that you have water now. Not fun being without it for that long. We were without water for one afternoon once, and I couldn't stand it. What a blessing to have running water in our homes!

Anonymous said...

Whew, that's relief!
We were without water at our first house for a couple days when the water lines froze and burst in the winter - not fun at all. And at this house they've been replacing all the water lines this past year, so they've turned the water off for a whole day at a time several times, but they always give us a days notice - so I always fill up lots of buckets, make sure everyone is showered, the dishwasher has run, and I fill up a HUGE camping water-jug to keep by the sink. It's great when you have notice that they're turning it off!
Here's to lots of dishwasher loads for you! :0)