Monday, March 19, 2007


Cailyn loves the Penquins on the corner of Talbot and the one Superstore/Walmart etc this evening we went by it and she said "hi" to the penguins. She was babbling I think about the "family" of penguins, then the the following conversation ensued:

Cailyn "I not penguin"
Me "No, your not a penguin"
Cailyn "You not penguin"
Me "No, I'm not a penguin"
Cailyn "Jared" looking over at Jared (who's asleep) "wait count to 3" (I know she is going to wake him up)
Me "Cailyn, don't wake up Jared"
Cailyn "k ready"
Me "Cailyn, don't wake up Jared"
Cailyn "one, two, three, four, Jared Wake Up! Surprise"
Me "Cailyn, Don't Wake Up Jared"
Cailyn "Jared Wake UP! Time to wake UP Jared" "Mom Jared Awake!"

Yes, so the little outing we did (which was also to get Jared to go to sleep!) didn't work out as nicely as anticipated. It was funny how she said everything...with all the expression and such...just not funny that she nicely woke up Jared. Cute to see how she relates the "penguin family" to our family. At least she knows we are not penguins.

And on our outing....we drove out to pay the plumber for our new toilet and shower head etc.....we saw about a dozen deer.....of course we were out in the country (the plumber lives past Taun & Mel's parents place). Cailyn saw them and was pretty excited (but not as excited as seeing those penguins!)


Anonymous said...

SO funny!...I am sorry, but I was laughing out loud at your post..oh too cute! Hope that Jared gets the sleep that he needed, and you too! See ya tomorrow, Rachel

Anonymous said...

Uh oh - time to put Cailyn in the middle row and Jared in the back so she can't see him! But that would be a pain for getting them in and out.
Isn't it fun when you can start having conversations with them?

Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

You're not penguins?!? We'll have to have her over when we rent the penguin movie - Happy Feet.