Monday, March 19, 2007

Put in my Vacation requests....

Vacation requests from work are due April 1st (I think) for the summer. So I had asked them to send me an e-mail and I would send in my request. I have 136 hours of vacation to use up from August 27 (which would be my first day back to work) until December (we aren't allowed to ask the holidays at Christmas off - as that can become unfair to other staff). So, I have asked for my first 3 shifts to be off - then I start work on September 1st. Vacation days to use up after a Mat leave is kind of a bonus especially when you go back at almost the end of the year! That and vacation days seems so sweet to me since I've never had them before LOL

And don't worry Linda - my other vacation requests will not affect your income at all. I was going to ask for Friday's off - but Gerald said it would be nice if I asked for days off when he'd be home. So I asked for all my Sunday's off (well except for September 2nd). Then I also asked to be done work at 3pm instead of 7pm on Halloween so I can go with the kids for trick or treating. If I can't get off work 4 hours early I will just use a stat day.

Asking for that used up all my vacation days. But I still will have a few stat days to to see if they let me take off all Sundays....I am sure there will be some people at work po'd with me....a friend from work suggested to me to take off one day of my weekend shifts (since it's 3 days in a row)...and I thought it was a good idea.

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Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

Hey there! Income, what income? ;o) Just kidding. I actually can say I am on mat leave...just didn't have a baby.

I am so eager to have Cailyn back...might take some getting used to to have Jared ;o) A boy after so long. Again, just kidding. Savannah eagerly awaits having her cousin over lots. We got to get together soon.