Friday, March 30, 2007

Me Help Daddy ALL Day

This afternoon Cailyn "helped" Gerald clean up the branches in our front yard (and with our Tree that was a LOT) and this evening she "helped" him dig out some dirt to put patio stones down before our steps at the backdoor (hopefully it will prevent some of the dirt from coming in our house). So when I went to look at the patio stones I said to Cailyn did you help daddy - she said yes and then added "Me Help daddy ALL day!" the way she said it was so cute. She was so proud of herself.

Gerald's now working on Jared's room (sanding and then prime/paint). Hopefully Jared hasn't outgrown too many outfits (I can't get at any of his clothes...not since the bathroom was started).

Cailyn just knocked over the standing fan (didn't land on her) when asked what she did she said "me bad, me not happy." LOL


Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

Such fun when they help daddy :o)

Sleeping that long - wow! Then I read that you had to share your bed. My kids have to be pretty sick for me to share my bed...I can't sleep when they hog the bed. Savannah got to stay a little last night as she was teething bad.

Laura VMS said...

It is so cute when the little one's help daddy! Jordan follows behind Jason when he vacuumm's with the Swiffer. It is really cute!