Friday, March 30, 2007

10 am and sleeping!

Well both kids are sleeping and I am exhausted and can't go back to sleep. Jared was up a few times and Cailyn decided to join us and hog the bed last night. When Jared fussed at about 5am I woke Gerald up (because my arm was asleep from being in the same position...also why I couldn't sleep) to bring Cailyn to her bed and get Jared for me. So she went back to sleep in her bed fine and is still sound asleep. Jared was up a little early but went back down a little after 9am. But no going back to bed for me because I have to wait for people to pick up fence/material.

Last night Laura, Rachel and I scrapbooked. A nice change from the "routine." I am almost finished one 2 page spread. Just have to figure out how to finish it. It is from a Blueprint (that is for a design call) and I think it may be nice to actually try and get something I can't post the Layout.

During the day yesterday, Laura and I met at the Valleyview playgroup - the kids really enjoyed it. I also walked around and visited residents and staff....all asking when I would come back to work. Cailyn enjoyed showing off Jared at first but after the first floor she kept covering him up and saying "shhhh he's sleeping" (he was wide awake). She also kept pretending to fall on the floor and saying help I fell....everyone thought that was amusing.

Now what to do with this unusual free time? Should I really clean my house??? I know I should...but do I really have to! LOL


Laura VMS said...

Okay, when I first saw your post about 10 am and still sleeping I was going to say that I envy you. However, after reading your blog and hearing that both Jared and Cailyn were not good sleepers for you last night I have to say that I do not envy you anymore! Thankfully Jordan slept all night once we got home and she is in better spirits today then she was yesterday. Hopefully your kids take a nap for you this afternoon. If not, hopefully they sleep better for you tonight!

Laura VMS said...

Oops! Forgot to add, thank you so much for having us over for dinner last night and to scrapbook. It was a lot of fun and we have to do it more often I think!