Saturday, March 31, 2007

Who would be willing to volunteer a husband?

Just for set up and take down (set up church) for the crop. I have had one offer of help....the rest would be Gerald and I - and I know it would go quicker with a couple more people.
We were told we could set up after teen club on Friday night (so after 9:30) and then after the crop would be set up for church (which would be after 5pm Saturday).



Laura VMS said...

No guarantees but I don't see why Jason can't help you out. I will talk to him tonight about it and get back to you!

Liz said...

Hey there Cuz..I'm sure if you need help, my hubby will be available :) Just give me a shout closer to the day! LOL. You know how forgetful I am!
Liz xo
PS Rick just LOVES it when I volunteer him for jobs! hehe!