Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ugh Spam!

Ok maybe I should be glad that I get the amount of spam I means my website is being found. But 6 of the exact same message sent from a company (craft related e-mailing that we may be interested in their product) in less than an hour! Give me a break! Actually, it was 7 messages...6 to the "old" e-mail for our contact page (changed it because of getting too much spam) and 1 to our "new" address (which I am not sure how that got because I believe it's encoded and harder to get....but maybe I am wrong). I had also changed a personal address to something really different and somehow 2 other spammers have found that. I guess it's just a matter of time before I have a mailbox full of spam!

Well because I thought 7 messages in an hour was a bit much, I signed into my old yahoo account and sent them the same message 6 times......I think I will make an vacation response to my spammers "Thank you for spamming me"

Can you tell I'm sick of spam....usually it's around 100 spam messages a day if I don't have a the "box trapper" on.


Taunya said...

spam- how annoying!
are you selling your camera on kijiji? how's your other kijiji stuff going? that's crazy that it works now!

Gerald and Sylvia said...

I think we will be keeping the camera. Gerald wants it for work I think because people ask to see fence styles.