Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Guess what!

This is the pictures our camera took before we sent it away............
We had decided not to fix our camera because of how much it was going to cost, definitely NOT worth the money. Anyways we asked for the camera to be sent back to us. When it came back the lens was in (it was out when we sent it away). I had told Gerald (before the camera came back) that my mom had sent her camera away for the plastic cover to be fixed on the date/time part (not a digital camera) and she said no to fixing because of how much it would cost and her's got sent back and the plastic piece was put back on.

Well guess what...our camera works!!!!! Gerald commented on the delay, but I said it's probably because we are used to not having any delay with our new camera.

Here is a picture from our old camera (right after I gave Jared his medicine....which explains the yellow).

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Anonymous said...

That's crazy! Good thing you didn't pay for them to fix it!