Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Spread the Warmth

We have a woodstove on the one side of our house which we have been using. The upside is that it heats up part of the house really nice and warm, the downside is that the other side of our house is cold. Which includes the main basement; with all the pipes. It stays above freezing, but still it isn't nice and it probably feels 10x as cold as it actually is because the other side of the house is HOT. Gerald's office is where the woodstove is, so he gets to literally cook (the temperature has hit 40 that we have noticed!).

Anyways, Gerald is busy knocking a hole in the wall from the "hot" basement into the "cold" basement (for those who don't know our house has a few additions and because of this we have 2 separate basements). We are hoping that this will help spread the heat a bit more evenly. Gerald's not only knocking a hold he is also going to be putting a vent and a fan through the hole to circulate the air.

Maybe someday he will dig out the basement so we don't bash our head on the ceiling. It was supposed to be a this winter project to dig out under the great room and then the main basement (the basement with the woodstove is regular height) but since we are not having much of a winter I don't see it happening anytime soon.

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Gerald and Sylvia said...

Ok...Gerald didn't knock out more of the wall...oh well he still put the vent through