Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year!

Since the New Year has begun we have managed to keep pretty busy.
I have been finally unpacking some of the basement. Getting rid of a lot of stuff that we haven't looked at used. Some of the things hadn't been unpacked since we got married!

Cailyn has been such a little mom lately. Copying what I do with Jared with her doll. Even giving her doll a bath after I gave Jared a bath. It's very cute.

We bought a used bedroom set and last night moved everyone's bedrooms! Those who have seen our house know how puny the bedrooms are. We can't even fit the whole set in one bedroom. Anyways. We are now in the room off the kitchen (which was Jared's room), Cailyn is in our old room and Jared is is Cailyn's old room (which is the smallest room).

I need to do more unpacking and purging...I guess it's spring cleaning since the weather feels like it!!!


Laura VMS said...

Yay for you for cleaning! Do you want to come and do my basement next? Hee Hee! Just kidding! I am glad that you are able to get to all of that though especially with two young one's! Good for you! It also sounds like you were busy moving the bedrooms around! Wow! I hope that everyone enjoys their new rooms!

Taunya said...

fun - a new bedroom set. enjoy!

Annie said...

I think it is so cute watching little ones with their dolls. I know Shaylin is loving being a little mommy to her's too!