Friday, January 5, 2007

What a boring life I lead....

So not much new happening here. Busy moving clothes from one bedroom to the other. Currently we cannot go to bed until Jared's clothes are moved to his closet and our clothes are hung up...since our bed is now a pile of hanging clothes!

Decided to make up a "daily" to do list/schedule. So today is Laundry and to go over the floors really good (it's a daily thing in the country, but I figured I would have a good once over weekly). So with the help of Cailyn I've done 2 loads of laundry today (usual is about 4 -6, but that's when I do it all in a day). That doesn't include Gerald's work clothes - he's always done those himself.

I was thinking over this past year for me...and I think it could be a soap opera. Ok January...not much because we found out we were expecting in December, sell our house in February...well March was boring cause nothing significant happened, move the beginning of April, begin working full time the end of April, May my dad started to get significantly worse, June dad admitted to the hospital 2x and I am admitted to the hospital then bedrest at the end of the month, July well more bedrest (probably should have went into the hospital again), August admitted to the hospital again, observed in the hospital for a few hours.....then of course my dad passing away and then having Jared, the remainder of the year was of course the having a new baby post c-section and the usual Christmas busyness that we all have.

Yesterday went with Jared to the Dr. He definitely has Thrush yet again. Asked about Acidopholis - the Dr said I could but the proven effectiveness is hard to determine and it's expenseive. So while I was waiting for the script to be filled I looked at it...well the big bottle was on sale for less than a little bottle. Figured I would buy it and try it. Monday I get to go back to the Dr for his 4 month shots and find out how big he is.

Well Jared has started to fuss....

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you definately have had a soap opera year! Hopefully this year will be a little more normal for you guys.

Is Jared's thrush getting better? Poor little guy!