Thursday, December 28, 2006

Procrastinating by Blogging

Nothing really interesting happening here.

It looks like Jared has thrush (white patch on his cheek) which explains why he's not sleeping well and wanting to eat constantly. My Dr's office is closed until Jan 3rd though. Maybe I will have to see about going to the walk in clinic.

I think Cailyn finally went down for her nap. She's been really tired with all the parties going on. Yesterday she fell asleep on the couch before her nap time. She's been saying that she's sleepy, but of course if you say it's time for bed/nap, her response always is "NO I'm awake." Can't seem to get it through to her that you go to bed awake.

I used up my pampers points today. Had 152 pts - so I got the 150 pts Bob the Builder Duplo set. The Dora set didn't look as interactive and well I have lots of girls toys. Earlier this year I got the Dora talking backpack from the pampers points (I think it was about 70 pts). The higher points levels didn't really have anything I was interested in. We'll see how many more points I get before March (when the program ends).

I should finally finish unpacking from when we moved. It never got finished, since I started working full time, I was slowly unpacking things we needed and about 2 months after that I got 2 months bedrest which doesn't help in the unpacking process. Gerald is going to have to help me though because some of the boxes are too heavy for me to lift!

Today, Gerald is going out to get firewood. The neighbour is going with him to help and they will be splitting the wood. I love having the woodstove, my house gets to be so warm (well hot). Well one side of our house is hot, the rest is warm.

Ok, well I really should head to my basement and work on unpacking....and try not to bash my head on the ceiling!