Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Almost done the parties!

We had Gerald's mom's family party and my family party on Sunday. Dinner at my brother's yesterday and Gerald's dad's family party this afternoon. We had the stomach flu in our home and managed to survive (well Cailyn is questionable whether it was the flu or from her really bad cold! I think it was more her cold).

Attempted picture of all the Great Grandchildren with Grandma and Grandpa....as you can see some didn't really want to stay! There is a picture of Cailyn sitting better, but Jared was covered up by the ball Seth is holding.

Gerald and Cailyn. Cailyn was sick at 3am that day and then wouldn't go back to sleep. She ended up having a very late nap and we woke her up for presents (so she's eating some supper and was really sleepy still).

I LOVE this picture of Jared laughing for Grandma! It's so precious (I know I am biased).


Laura VMS said...

The family picture is just priceless with Cailyn trying to get away! How cute! I also love the picture of Jared laughing! That is so awesome! He looks so happy and content!

Anonymous said...

YOu're allowd to be biased, and he is ADORABLE!! DOn't ya love the giggles??? THat sucks that you guys got the flu- even Jared? How do you deal with that? I'm kinda paranoid about Caden getting it... always looking for widsom from an experienced friend! Rachel K

Gerald and Sylvia said...

Jared and I managed to steer clear of the stomach flu. Jared has a bit of a cold though, but he's still happy.

Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah Koopman said...

Love love love the Jared picture! He's so adorable. Savannah is loving this blog

Stephen, Janet & Aidan VanMaanen said...

I can't believe how much he has grown since he was born he was so tiny!! But he is rather adorable!! and especially when he is smiling! Hope yuo all are feeling better now!! See you Sunday night!!