Sunday, December 10, 2006

I give up

Yet another usual bedtime...I've given up the pack n play is in her room and that is where she will sleep.


Mel VanDyk said...

Here's a 'hug'. Toddlers eh!

Household of Faith said...

Have you tried a baby gate in her doorway? We do that for Seth and it's a boundary line that he can't cross. If we or a babysitter forgets to put it up, he comes out a couple of times. Just an idea. I know it works for us.


Anonymous said...

Don't give up Sylvia... I'll be your cheerleader, and you can be mine when it comes time!! She may have won a few battles, but not the war... oh honey- I understand the feeling though!! And if it works for a while to have her in the pack n play til you all are a bit more refreshed, go for it-- but keep me posted when the second round of battles begin- I'm rooting for you!love Rachel