Monday, December 11, 2006

Nap Time with a baby gate

Ok I have some sort of crazy child! Tried the baby gate, seemed to be working. She wasn't napping but not getting out...she kept yelling for help saying she was stuck. I thought that was kinda funny. Well she must have been pushing on the gate pretty hard (I pushed/pulled on it when I put it in the doorway to see how tight it was) because I just heard a loud bang. She was crying (she pushed the gate away from her - so no injuries noted) I think it scared her. She didn't want me to put it back up - so she's in the pack n play and was quiet pretty much right away. I will definitely try the gate again tonight though.

Oh I should add - it seems like she enjoys being "confined" to a crib or a pack n play because ever since we have been trying the bed more diligently she quiets right down and goes to sleep when she's put in the crib or pack n play. Too bad that blissful week (or a bit more) of her staying in the bed is over.

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