Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oil Pulling

When googling about cavities I came across Oil Pulling.  Last dentist appt all the girls had cavities.  These were dd1's first and dd2 had a lot and it's only her 2nd dentist appt.  This is where I would also like to say the theory the later you get your teeth the better.  DD2 was 16 months when she got her first tooth.  She does brush but I don't floss them daily (I do on occasion) - at the appt I was told to start flossing her teeth daily. (I was 15 months for my first tooth and I also don't have great teeth).

Anyways back to oil pulling.  It's said to detoxify but also it can pull the 'crap' from between your teeth.  I decided to use coconut oil because that's what I have.

Day 1 - definitely makes you gag when you start but you do get used to it.  I didn't time myself but did it while I showered so I'm sure it was a decent amount of time.  After I think my teeth felt cleaner (I hadn't brushed yet).  Later in the day my teeth were still feeling cleaner than their usual.

Day 2 - teeth feel cleaner.  It's warm in our house so my coconut oil is liquid and that doesn't make me gag as much.

Day 3 - teeth feel cleaner, not noticing anything else.

Forgot to continue posting my results.  I skipped a bit too.  It does make my teeth feel cleaner.  I am definitely not able to swish for as long as recommended from some sites.  They say if your mouth/jaw hurts you are swishing to hard, but I find myself trying to 'barely' do it so it doesn't hurt and it does.  I have not noticed any detoxifying effects.

Verdict: I think I will do it when I feel like it or when I've eaten too many sugary things.

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