Thursday, July 12, 2012

Made my own Remineralizing tooth paste

After looking at quite a few different sites I modified a recipe omitting baking soda and trace minerals (because honestly I have no idea what they meant by trace minerals).

2 tbs coconut oil
2 tbs xylitol
2 tbs Calcium/Magnesium powder
a couple dashes of sea salt
and I put some drops of peppermint essential oil in (not sure how many - a lot of sites say to use 20 but I definitely used less than that)

I haven't tried it yet, but hopefully it works well!


Anonymous said...

so.....have you tried it yet? :)

VMS and ScrapbookingOasis said...

we have tried it - it seems to work but feels like you are brushing your teeth with sugar it's so sweet. Maybe next time I will add some baking soda or I will decrease the amount of xylitol in comparison to the calcium/magnesium powder.