Friday, March 2, 2012

How I'm doing at the 12 Goals for 2012

1) Eat out less & cook more meals at home.  Well this was going poorly for a while there but this past week I have improved tremendously again.  Now to keep it up!

2) Since I have added a new addiction of Pinterest - actually try to do a pin a week (or more than 1 a week) so that this can at least be productive. I'm not necessarily doing one a week but I am also not going onto Pinterest as much as I thought I would.  I have had weeks where I do 0 and weeks where I do a few - so I'm sure it's evened out to at least one a week.

3) Once the kids rooms are renovated (dh's job) actually decorate the kids rooms! The reno's are on their way for the first bedroom (one needs to be done before we can start the next one since it involves the room the kids are currently sleeping in!)  I ordered new bedding for the kids last night and we picked out paint (and bought it), picked out flooring and the drywall is almost finished and waiting for a coat of primer!  We bought self priming paint but some of the original walls are a very dark colour and we would prefer to prime it first than to have to do multiple coats.

4) Allocate a set amount to pay extra to the mortgage each month.  Have not done this as extra money needs to go to renos right now.

5) Spend less on WANTS.  Use money earned from swagbucks/superpoints etc to pay for wants.  Well I wanted the kids to have new bedding and didn't have what I liked.....but I am still saving for a bunk bed with my earnings from both rewards programs (and technically we would need to buy another bed for the kids), so it all depends on how you look at it.  So yes we haven't been the greatest at this, but we will work on improving!

6) Have the house in good order by the beginning of August, so going back to work full time won't be so overwhelming! I was doing so well with this....then it kinda fell by the wayside....and now we started reno's - so keeping good order and having stuff where it doesn't belong while we do reno's doesn't really work.  We will work at this one!

7) Try to do something fun/special with the kids once a month (dh & I together with them) - preferable free/frugal things.  We've done simple things like a unexpected trip to visit Grandma, but nothing overly special.  I am hoping to take the kids to a movie sometime this month, maybe during March Break.  January, I don't recall doing anything really, but February included Grandma, pancake supper at church and pasta/soup supper at church (where they got to see friends which is always fun).

8) Lose 1/2 of the amount I need to reach my goal weight (which is a very reasonably and conservative weight loss for a year).  I haven't lost anything - in fact I gained what I had lost back.  Had a few rough weeks with sick kids and dh out working so I didn't go to the gym.  Even now I have been bad for going though.

9) Have Christmas 2012 be more minimalistic.  Well it's only March - haven't bought anything for Christmas so I'm safe here so far.

10) I used to be crafty....that has fallen by the wayside - try to be more crafty for things I know how to do (instead of buying). I've been doing some crafty things with pinterest!

11) Get our scrapbooks organized again.  A work in progress but this has started.

12) Date night once a month with dh.  Not sure if it's been once a month, but we are going out tonight.

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