Saturday, December 24, 2011


I was going to edit my SuperPoints blog post with a few new links but blogger apparently is acting up and my post disappeared - so I am writing a new one.

SuperPoints is an exclusive rewards program where you can get points from clicking the 'super lucky button', completing offers, surveys or watching videos.  You also get points from your referrals.  I click the super lucky button daily and will watch some videos.  So far I have not qualified for surveys, but I will do one if I have time.

With SuperPoints there is Basic Level, Gold Level and Platinum Level.  Each level gets you more clicks on the Super Lucky button and also gives you a lower redemption thresh hold.  Platinum level gets 100 clicks and can redeem 500 points for $5.

1) get your account to at least the Basic Level 
2) try to get a few referrals (between 2-5 is even good)
3) encourage your referrals to also get their account to Basic Level
4) check your email for bonus points
5) click that button daily

Why am I emphasizing Basic Level? With Basic level you get more clicks on the super lucky button and you also move up a level (depending on how many referrals you have).  Basic Level and up also get more clicks on the super lucky button.

In 3 months I have earned $75!  I have been redeeming for Paypal and Amazon but there are other things you can redeem for as well.

Referral links are only valid for a limited time and are 1x use only.  I will try to come back here to update with new links but if they are all used please feel free to comment on my blog or on my pin (on pinterest) and I will reply ASAP.

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