Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pinterest Suppers!

Yesterday and today our suppers came from Pinterest.

I am not one who enjoys cooking usually, but it's nice to have a meal that doesn't make me tempted to want to go out for supper.

Yesterday I made "Almost Lasgana"
I left out the pasta sauce because my kids don't like "red sauce" and used cottage cheese instead of ricotta because it was on sale and I couldn't find ricotta.  It turned out to be really good even though the kids were extremely apprehensive to eat it (ds1 didn't eat any of it).  DH and I added pasta sauce after the fact to ours and also enjoyed it.  I put the left overs in freezer bags to eat another time.  When I went to bed last night I wished I ate more of it.

Tonight I am making Crock Pot Chicken Parm
The only change I made for this was I used crushed vegetable thin crackers instead of bread crumbs.

We are also going to try Roasted cauliflower.  I used chili powder and epicure Herb and Garlic sea salt.  I am not a fan of veggies in general.  The cauliflower wasn't horrible (please note that I really dislike veggies!!).  I was able to eat it without pulling any faces.  

Overall verdict of supper: DH and I liked all of it.  DD1 ate 1 piece of chicken (because we made her) and refused to eat anymore because there was 'red sauce', DD1 (once I offered 10 cents) ate all the cauliflower on her plate and then finished off the bowl.  She said there was a little too much sea salt.  DS1 refused to eat the cauliflower but did eat all of his chicken (although initially he also said he wouldn't eat it because of the red sauce), DD2 also refused to eat it, but it's waiting for her when she gets hungry tonight as she didn't even try a bite and she did this yesterday and ended up eating all of it later in the evening.

*pictures are screen shots of the pins as I forgot to take pics!

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