Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Goals for 2012

I decided to make goals (not resolutions!) for 2012.  Some of these will also be for DH because I can't do them without him.

1) Eat out less & cook more meals at home.

2) Since I have added a new addiction of Pinterest - actually try to do a pin a week (or more than 1 a week) so that this can at least be productive.

3) Once the kids rooms are renovated (dh's job) actually decorate the kids rooms!

4) Allocate a set amount to pay extra to the mortgage each month.

5) Spend less on WANTS.  Use money earned from swagbucks/superpoints etc to pay for wants.

6) Have the house in good order by the beginning of August, so going back to work full time won't be so overwhelming!

7) Try to do something fun/special with the kids once a month (dh & I together with them) - preferable free/frugal things.

8) Lose 1/2 of the amount I need to reach my goal weight (which is a very reasonably and conservative weight loss for a year).

9) Have Christmas 2012 be more minimalistic.

10) I used to be crafty....that has fallen by the wayside - try to be more crafty for things I know how to do (instead of buying).

11) Get our scrapbooks organized again.

12) Date night once a month with dh.

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