Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Week 51: Organize Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags & Skip Weeks 50 & 49

I have decided to work backwards on the 52 week challenge until the New Year.

Week 51, is organizing gift wrap/bags.  I had already purged my gift bags about 2 months ago, but I decided that all wrap and gift bags will be kept in the 'under the bed' box I have (which actually doesn't fit under my bed but that's besides the point).
This is what I started with in the box.

I didn't take a before picture of my gift bags and tissue paper which was stored in the hall closet.  I had already purged about 30+ bags, but when looking at what I still all had I knew I needed to purge more because
A) they wouldn't all fit in the box 
B) I have way too many baby gift bags
C) based on the amount of children in my kids classes I had more than enough birthday gift bags.  
If I am wrong with my estimates I guess I will just have to buy some.

What I got rid of.
I decided to get rid of 1 roll of Christmas wrap because 
A) quite a bit of it was damaged (it was given to me for free also) 
B) I only had 1 roll of it 
C) the bags fit better in the box without it.
I know I still have enough wrap for a while.
I also got rid of ribbon, raffia and some seals because in the 9 years we have been married I have never used them.
What I kept.

The end result is a nice box with all my wrap, gift bags and tissue.  All in one place to look for it too.

Week 51 - CHECK √

I will be skipping Week 50 - Christmas Decoration Storage and Organization - because it is all put away and really I just do the tree now and don't do any knick knack decorations.
Skipping Week 49 -Storing silver properly to inhibit tarnishing - because I don't own any silver.

Week 50 - CHECK √
Week 49 - CHECK √

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