Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shoppers Drug Mart

Many of my friends know I collect optimum points and will redeem BIG!  Here is how I figure it out with optimum points.

$1 = 10 points (normal day)

Sometimes they offer 20x the points when you spend $50 or more (or $75 or more)
$50 = 500 points on a normal day - on a 20x day you would get 10,000 points.

If you are using dollar off coupons (not free product coupons) and the cashier enters them correctly you can also earn points on your coupons!

When I shop on a 20x day I buy items I use that are a decent price and items that I use on sale.  Often diapers are on sale for a 20x day, I also combine this with any coupons I may have.

Shoppping on 20x days helps accumulate points quickly.  They also will offer bonus points for specific products at times which if it is something you use, stock up (sometimes you need a coupon from Shoppers  for the points)

NEVER EVER redeem for the low level redemptions!

I always try to redeem at the highest redemption 95,000 points can be redeemed for $170.  I never redeem  when it's $170.
The offer a few times a year a Bonus redemption which 95,000 points can be redeemed for $200.  I will redeem at this one but this year and last year they offered a MEGA Bonus redemption where 95,000 points could be redeemed for $250.
If you redeem:
95,000 for $170 - approx 559 points = $1
95,000 for $200 - 475 points = $1
95,000 for $250 - 380 points = $1

Technically, if you collected points only on 'normal' days (10 points = $1) and never received any bonus points you would need to spend $9500 to reach the highest redemption level.

Let's say you only collect points on 20x days (I collect year round as their prices for milk are always good). $475 spent would equal 95,000 points.

Obviously, spending $475 and redeeming for $250 is the best deal!  But the $250 redemption has only happened 2x and you never know if they will continue with that.  I personally will risk it and wait to see if they offer that again.  (Note that when you redeem you cannot redeem for tax, so you would need to pay the tax on the purchase. You can also not redeem for lottery tickets, gift cards and a few other things - some depending on your province as well)

Other ways to collect points.  Currently, you can earn 10 points per $1 spent on Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards (not any other gift cards).  You cannot get 20x the points on gift card purchases.

Shoppers also offers other incentives such as a certain number of points when you spend a certain dollar amount - this can be a great deal on points, but just make sure you spend the max dollar amount only.

List of tips:
Shop on 20x days
Watch for bonus points on your favourite products
Use coupons at Shoppers
Buy gift cards first (and make sure they scan your card) (I buy the gift cards through my kids school instead though)
Check out the Shoppers website for offers
Check our Smart Canucks - it has a wealth of information!
Use mail in rebates on 20x the points days!

I am probably missing lots of things I could tell you about Shoppers optimum program, but here are a few tidbits.

I have not tracked my spending at Shoppers.  I tried in the past but since I often pick up milk there it fell by the wayside.  I do reach plus member every year (15,000 points earned without bonuses such as 20x - but keep in mind we go through a LOT of milk and diapers right now).

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