Sunday, December 25, 2011


Well this blog post may just be a ramble of thoughts, with little sleep last night and now being awake so no early bedtime (since I won't be able to sleep anyways), I'm not sure how well I will write this.....but hopefully you get inspired to declutter a little. (Yes, I am decluttering on Christmas).

I have started to declutter.....I have 4-5 large boxes of stuff ready to go to the thrift store.  I just don't want to be bothered with a garage sale. (I will probably keep a few things for a garage sale because I know dd1 would really like to have one, but it will be more about spending the day at Grandma's than actual garage sale).

Anyways, I went through the kids toys......little do they know I got rid of some things.  Kept nicer barbies, got rid of some of the older ones.  Got rid of a few of the barbie furniture, yes its nice but does she really need it to play Barbies - no.  Got rid of toys that they never played with much and only really played with them when I suggested we give them away, and got rid of some of the annoying toys (you know lots of pieces and they mostly just dump them and leave).   Since the kids are not aware those toys are gone.....they are definitely not going to a garage sale (even though I am sure I could easily sell some of them).  I don't know there is just something about getting rid of the kids toys that makes me feel guilty.....but they have enough and have so many.  Maybe it's the $$ that went into purchasing the toys in the first place......or maybe it's that maybe in 2 months they will notice it's missing! (My kids seem to have crazy good memory for the oddest things at times).

Then I cleaned up my tupperware drawers (again).  Donated the fake tupperware and also a few tupperware items I never ever use.

Then I went through my cupboard above the stove.  Donated 4 candle holders (that were table center pieces) from our wedding, they were just collecting dust so I don't feel the need to keep it just for sentimental reasons.  Donated some story Bibles and things like that as we have quite a few at the moment and hopefully some other family will be able to enjoy them as well.

Also went through my cutlery drawer and pots and pans.  Donating items like an extra corkscrew (never used one.....figure 1 is good enough - don't see a need for 2), other little kitchen gadgets that you think are so cool when you get them but never use them, extra spatulas....seriously I don't think I need 8 spatulas, and things like that.  Also decided to donate my old stoneware (not 'name brand' anyways) since I have not used it in quite some time and they were just plain starting to look burnt, not 'seasoned.'

I know have some extra space in some cupboards and drawers.

Baby clothes from ds2 I have set aside to possibly go with people on a mission trip, I would love to just get rid of them as well though but figured a good cause would be nice as well.   I donated all of my maternity clothing to a local pregnancy support centre.

Decluttering makes me feel's nice to have less stuff.

Now to work on other areas of the house.

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