Monday, August 23, 2010

Lots of Fundraising!

Been busy lately with upcoming Fundraising events.

The biggest is the upcoming Plowing Match being held! We've teamed up with another Christian school nearby to organize a Food Booth. The projected estimates of people coming through is staggering! If we can serve 10% of the low projected number I think we can have an awesomely successful fundraiser! This will be held from September 21-25.

I just started working on getting vendors for the 3rd Annual Fall Fair. I was contemplating not doing it at all as I didn't have the time for 'everything' but one of the teachers (who already does too much!) offered to help out this year and get some volunteers. This event is planned for October 30 from 9am-2pm.

I've also started a ink cartridge, cell phone and digital camera recycling fundraiser which will hopefully go into full swing at the start of the school year.

And let's not forget that when school starts kids start losing their items! The school also has a lovable labels website for fundraising. I created a facebook event to hopefully remind people of this fundraiser.

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