Friday, June 18, 2010

Proud of my girl!

My oldest dd had long hair - we had talked about growing it and donating it (I wanted to do this when she was younger as she had gorgeous curls but she chopped her own hair...when she was about 3 years old).

Anyways my sil was diagnosed with cancer and has gone through chemo so we explained to dd about how the medicine to treat cancer can cause your hair to fall out and I also showed her pictures online of kids who have lost there hair and people who have donated. This got dd very excited to donate her hair - which she thought was going to her aunt. She even said it was a good thing they have the same hair colour :)

My sil asked if dd would have her hair cut at her works Buzz Off fundraiser for cancer. We willingly agreed. I had measured dd's hair to be about 10-11inches the day before the event so I was glad about that - the hairdresser that day thought it may be 8inches at most - not sure on the discrepancy maybe it was because I pulled the curl/waves straight and the day of the haircut I had straightened it and the hairdresser wasn't pulling it? Anyways hopefully it was enough hair and if it wasn't we are fortunate that dd's hair grows fast and I think would be willing to try again.

DD was very brave and had her hair cut off in a room full of mostly strangers and adult strangers at that! A few pictures she looks like she was going to cry but she told me after it was because she was a little scared. DD also wanted to dress up like a princess for the haircut so she picked one of her 'beautiful' dresses to wear. She did a great job and is loving her new short hair.

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