Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did NOT lock myself in the bathroom last week to enjoy a hot bath without kids. In fact I rather enjoy my kids coming in the bathroom with me at all times. I do NOT tell them to stop splashing the water at me and rather enjoy it that they insist on dumping their toys in.

I did NOT bake the yummy apple pie my sister-in-law gave me. I also did NOT eat at least 1/2 of that pie. It was NOT delicious and I do NOT want another piece right now as I type this. NO NOT ME!

Addison did NOT sleep 10 hours on Friday night. She never sleeps well for me. I really enjoy it that she does NOT sleep well at all. In fact her NOT sleeping 8 hours last night was just wonderful.

I do NOT think that 3rd babies need to be easy babies. I would NOT enjoy an easy baby. I much prefer the challenge of a baby like Addison.

I do NOT enjoy this new posting on Monday that a bunch of us ladies are doing. I do NOT find it amusing to read all the posts. I definitely do NOT enjoy the honesty in the posts. I does NOT make me feel better that other people don't do the same things as myself.

Cailyn did NOT tell me today she was cold. I definitely did NOT tell her to put clothes on. She of course immediately listened and is fully dressed. Jared did NOT run around in his diaper all morning and definitely is NOT napping with just a diaper.

I am NOT doing laundry again!

I am NOT secretly wishing that Cailyn falls asleep watching Franklin as I type this. I would NEVER let my daughter lay down on the couch watching TV.

And I definitely did NOT take the time out to take pictures of Addison in her cute dress Sunday morning. I did NOT get 3 kids ready for church while Gerald was at church for doing sound.

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