Friday, October 24, 2008

25 Ways I Save Money

Saw this on another blog and thought it was neat:
What are 25 ways you save money?

1) Use CFL's in most light fixtures in the house
2) Buy meat when it's on sale (preferable 50% off 'quick sale')
3) Stock up on non-perishables when they are a really good price
4) Meal Plan
5) Shop with a LIST!
6) Wash in cold water
7) Use a front load energy efficient washing machine
8) Use VOIP for our phone
9) Use points programs to my advantage
10) Cloth Diaper
11) Cloth Wipes (most of the time I try at least)
12) Used the AC as little as possible this summer
13) Pay a higher deductible on insurance so our premiums are lower
14) Don't have credit card debt
15) Buy used (vehicles, furniture, clothes)
16) Run the dishwasher only on full loads
17) Don't use the drying cycle for the dishwasher
18) Use coupons (only for items I would buy anyways)
19) Rarely wear make up (therefore don't need to buy more)
20) Save leftovers and eat later
21) Clean with enjo (used to be vinegar)
22) Only develop the pictures I plan on scrapbooking
23) Use credit cards that give rewards
24) Try to do only full loads of laundry
25) Turn lights off when not in room (or not necessary to be on - kids like to turn lights on during the day).

So know what are yours..............


Taunya said...

I do almost everything on your list except VOIP and meal plan. I have enjo too, but I am yet to be convinced that the bathroom glove works. I actully use it in my toilet bowl when I am done the rest of the bathroom too (and it works to take the black out of the rim) but I dont like how it leaves flex on the counter and mirrors and just seems to push the dirt around not pick it up. Mel says the multipurpose rag picks up dirt really well, shoulda got that one!!!! anyhow sorryfor the enjo rantjust had to let it out

Taunya said...

wait now that I reread your post. I only do about half of your list. I dont cloth diaper my kids or use cloth wipes. what are they? just a normal wash cloth with soap/water or do you make wipes?

scrapbookingoasis said...

some people actually buy flannel and cut to make wipes (or buy cloth wipes). I just use a baby wash cloth and some 'baby wipe' mixture or soap and water. I have so many baby wash cloths that were looking dingy so I made them into 'wipes'. For the wipe mixture it's basically baby soap, water and baby oil. I don't recall the exact recipe but it's pretty easy.