Friday, June 20, 2008

How to get the Grocery Bill to $100 a week!

Well after a short discussion about finances I thought…hmm could I do $100 a week for groceries. It would definitely be difficult since we have the tendency to buy ourselves treats and have 2 animals to also feed. So this is my plan of action:

1) Take inventory of food I have
2) Meal Plan (based on current food in house and sales)
3) Start a Price Book so I know what a good price is.
4) Shop Sales. Decide what’s the MOST I will pay for certain items.

I have always included cleaning products, diapers, personal items in the cost of our groceries, so that makes it more difficult. But I have started cloth diapers for Jared (just at home) because of overnight leaking issues, and since I’ve invested in 12 diapers I figured I will also use them when I am home from work. So I only need diapers for when we are out or he is being watched by someone else.

I have a pretty good stock of shampoo, conditioner and cleaning supplies. I am also trying to use more natural products for cleaning since we are on a septic system and we are 99% sure ours was not properly installed by the last owners (it’s a straight long run instead of rows) so I really don’t want to aggravate the system at all since it would cost a lot to replace. I also bought a box of diapers last time they were on sale and goodnights/pull ups for Cailyn last time they were on sale.

1) Food Inventory: Well I have on hand probably enough meat for 3-4 months. I have some side kicks and rice packs…not a lot. I have a few bags of pasta. So our food needed right now is mostly fresh items (fruit, bread).
2) Meal Plan: Meals will be based on what meat I have and what’s on sale. Since I work 12 hour shifts I don’t plan a meal for days I’m working. It’s hit or miss whether Gerald is the one feeding the kids, and I know from past experience he’s not likely to eat anything I have prepared for him. So if he has to feed the kids he can resort to KD, hot dogs or grilled cheese (all things the kids will eat!).
3) Start a Price Book: I have NO clue what prices are. Usually if I see a good price and know it’s good it’s because someone else told me! So I glanced at a few bills for meat prices. Boneless chicken breast I paid 8.55 KG, Pork Schnitzel 12.10 KG (but paid 50% of the sticker price), Pork 8.80 KG….and that’s all I know right now. So if any of you wise shoppers out there know better prices – let me know.
4) Shop Sales: I am already ok for this for some part. I’ll stock up when I see certain items are on sale (that can be frozen). Like hot dogs and pizza pops. I know not healthy but quick and easy for if I’m not cooking.

I have started my grocery list for this week and my ‘meal plan’ for the days I am home (4 days). So far barely under $100. We go through at least $18 in milk a week though! And I go to Shoppers which is the cheapest. Of course this doesn’t include buying meat or food for the cat or dog (since we have lots right now). We shall see how this goes....

Any suggestions?


Household of Faith said...

I think trying to make the grocery bill $100 or less is a challenge. I am always spending more and we only have 4 (and 2 are kids). Just wait until they are teenagers! If those ideas work for you, let me know. I would love to learn more ways to save money!

Laura VMS said...

Good for you for having meat stocked in your freezer! That is great! I also think it is a great idea to plan your meals around things that you already have in your house. That is something that I need to start doing. Wish I could eat Pork! Pork always seems to be the cheaper meat!