Friday, June 20, 2008

Complete Financial Challenge! and grocery update

1) $100 a week groceries
2) Eat out MAX 1x a week (we go out a lot!). When we go on vacation it doesn't count because I am on vacation too!
3) Cut down on other entertainment expenses

Goal is to spend $450 a month less than last year in the following areas:

I have my monthly averages from last year so I will base it on that to see how I saved.

Ok - for today's grocery shopping. I under estimated some items...over estimated some too (but most definitely under estimated more than over).

Didn't end up buying apples because none looked good and didn't buy a couple other items on my list. I also added a bunch of items to my list, either on sale (that we use) or items that I thought about in store.

The original list would have been about $78 based on my estimates. Actual Grocery bill $67.23. I didn't buy milk as we still have lots, but will need to get more sometime this week.

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Laura VMS said...

That is incredible Sylvia! WAY TO GO!!!!!!