Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jared's Eyes

Just realized I never updated after his last eye appointment.

It was hard for them to make his eye stray when they were assessing him. The Dr said he is right where he should be at his age and they are happy with the results.
Jared no longer needs the eye drops at this time.

His Dr though is going into semi retirement this summer. We have our 3 month follow up appointment booked with him but if we can get into the local ophthalmologist we will be switching unless Jared needs another surgery (which would require a pediatric ophthalmologist). Jared saw our local Dr prior to his current and I know it took a LONG time to get in.

It will be nice to go local (first off I won't have to pay a fortune in parking!)

We are glad that everything went so well with his surgery. He is definitely a different child since it!

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