Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So this past weekend was my first weekend that I actually worked my normal weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun - 12 hour shifts). It wasn't near as bad as I anticipated.

Today, was Cailyn's first dentist appointment! After she saw me have my teeth cleaned it was her turn. She was so good! The hygenist said her teeth were really clean and looked good. Which I am so happy for! I was worried because she insists on brushing her own teeth and rarely lets me help or even check. Our dentist office gives a little coupon for a free pizza and milk from Boston Pizza for the kids (I don't know if this is just the first appointment or all appointments). Cailyn tried to pay for the dentist bill with this pizza coupon. Which was really cute.

Tomorrow I'm working and Thursday I am preparing for the 2 day crop in Chatham which I will be at this weekend.

Next week proves to be busy with something I have to do/go to every day.

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Laura VMS said...

It does sound like you are going to be busy! I am glad that Cailyn did so well at the dentist and that her teeth are good! I have to go and I have to take Jordan too but I detest going to the dentist!