Saturday, November 3, 2007

I feel too busy

It's been one of those times I just don't want to look at the calendar. Although some of the things only take an hour or so out of my's just been one of those 'it seems too busy' times.

This week, I worked Wed and Thurs...taking off early to take the kids out for Halloween. Cailyn got cranky fairly early. She's so tough for some things but gets so sensitive (and stubborn) for others. She was getting upset because she was usually the last to the door and didn't get to ring the door bell. Part of the reason she was last was because she walked a STRAIGHT line up and down driveways (also making sure not to step on grass and sometimes the cars in the driveway were in her way). Granted this was only after we had told the kids to not cut across lawns but she was pretty obedient for that one. Gerald met up with us shortly after she started getting cranky. He took Cailyn ahead a couple houses so that she could ring the door bell and then to Jason and Laura's while I walked back to Linda's (carrying Jared) to get the van. We were almost at Burwell road so it was a long walk carrying him. Then on the Gerald's parents and then one set of grandparents. Jared fell asleep in my arms there he was so tired.

I have no pictures because I forgot my camera - but Linda has some on her facebook account.

Early Friday morning our water softener regenerated.....there wasn't enough water in the well for it. Fortunately, we didn't burn out the pump again. But Gerald did have to go and get a load of water. Since he did that (and I knew I had lots of water) I did 3 loads of laundry and ran the dishwasher. Gerald has said that a few people said our Willow probably sucks a lot of the water from our well (the well isn't too far from it) but it is such a great shade tree and we don't have air conditioning our house would be a lot hotter in the summer without the tree!

Friday night - we dropped the kids off at Gerald's parents to go out and surprise Laura for her b-day. Jason sure had her fooled (her b-day was Thursday and he didn't make a good impression on her Thursday!) That was another late night and Cailyn (probably wired from sugar still) just wouldn't settle and go to sleep. She was still awake at 12am!

This morning she woke up fairly early and didn't nap. She was pretty good considering. Gerald worked in the morning and then when he got home, did work outside around the house. Getting firewood and he climbed up into the willow and cut out the big dead branch (and some 1/2 dead ones). The tree now has a 'bald' spot look to it where he cut it out, but if he didn't cut it who knows when or where it would have landed. At 5pm We went to Jordan's 2nd b-day party tonight and Cailyn just absolutely LOVES b-day parties (I think mostly for singing Happy B-day and the cake) so she was good for that part. But after Super, Cake and presents she was starting to become cranky. After the b-day party back to Gerald's parents so Gerald could help his dad set something up. While he was doing that I ran out to get some much needed groceries. I also picked up some halloween costumes on sale...perfect for play clothes! Got home around 9pm and both kids sleeping.

Looks like tomorrow we need to go to my mom's because I have some stuff that needs to be there soon and my mom will be working full time and more for the next few months. Thankfully for the extra hour of sleep it hopefully won't be too bad getting ready to make it to church there in the morning.

Next week: work Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat and I will be working my first 3 day weekend since I went back to work and will be working Sun (my second Sun since I came back so not too bad). Wednesday will be the first grocery day since I started working that I won't be working on, so that means I actually have to go pick up my own groceries. So that leaves Thursday my day to do absolutely nothing....oh wait that doesn't happen.....but I definitely won't plan what I will be doing because if I think I am going to do's more likely that I will end up playing Dr with Cailyn for the morning (she loves playing Dr ...which consists of giving needles and checking your heartbeat).

After next Sunday: I am only working Wed - but that week I have a dentist appointment and Cailyn will be having her FIRST appointment, nervous about that because she rarely will let us brush her teeth (she wants to do it herself!) Usually when she lets me check they don't look too I am hoping they are ok. Then the weekend I will be at a Fundraiser crop for Fri/Sat in Chatham.

Jared had his appointment with the specialist (a couple weeks ago...I think). Anyways, his measurements are staying the same (which is important for the surgery). I think the more the measurements stay the same the more accurate they will be on adjusting the muscles. From what I understood (between the 2 Dr's talking in front of us) it sounds like he isn't favouring the one eye over the other as much. We have been noticing this ourselves as well. Hopefully the surgery will go well and he won't have problems with his vision later.

He's getting to be more difficult to get eye drops in because he's a stomach sleeper and has been waking up fairly easy. If he doesn't wake up he rolls onto his stomach again before I have a chance to get the drop in - so I am going to need to become more creative.

Jared now says mama, and baba too. Sometimes it sounds like he says other tonight it sounded like a 'i love you' and he was giving a hug at the same time. So it very well could have been. He's definitely my little 'pip squeek.' I am positive Cailyn was a lot bigger than he is at that age. He's seems too little to walk etc.

Jared also had his first taste of skittles. Cailyn had sour skittles and I had reminded her to not let Jared get them (which she is usually good with since why would she want him to eat her candy). Anyways I saw him chewing on something and proceeded to swallow with no problem. Then I smelt his breath....skittles. He had pulled the container off the kitchen table....he was very ticked off with me for taking them away.

Cailyn....potty training.....well when we went away for our anniversary....Cor said she didn't change any diapers - Cailyn just went on the potty by herself. We get home and she peed in her diaper. The next day she went on the potty all day by herself.....and then it STOPPED! She very rarely will sit on the potty again. She has no desire for treats (of any sort), doesn't care about praise, the promise of going to school doesn't seem to be working either. There have been some toys she wanted (a puzzle set and dress up clothes) told her that she would have to wear big girl underwear all the time to get them.....nope she's still not using the potty. She will tell me things like 'I want to use Jordan's potty' and things like that. She also will say I have to pee on the potty to have the puzzle....but still doesn't go and do it.

Our website - we've made it to accept CC payments without PayPal! Gerald's been looking at some optimization things for sales. The one thing he changed...after the change I had 4 orders in one day.....3 of the 4 qualifying for Free shipping. So it may have helped (hard to tell just from one day).

Fencing - Gerald's keeping busy.....probably will as long as there is no frost in the ground. Then for when the snow flies he will probably end up plowing snow.

I think that's about it to add some wood to the fire.

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