Monday, June 11, 2007


The kids had short-lived time outside. Cailyn cut her toe (on what???) so we came back in.

He's still in his jammies - but they are cute that's why I left them on.

Cailyn building her castle. She picks up big chunks of dirt to make it. She wasn't too interested in playing in her sandbox today (even though that's why we went outside because she asked to play in it).

Some pictures from the VMS picnic this weekend.
The grandchildren/great grandchildren Tug of War - it was quite the feat to even get them to all grab the rope!

Jared smiling for Oma


Anonymous said...

Those are cute pajamas!
Did you have fun at the family picnic? So sweet that you got a picture of Jared with Oma - it's so nice to have those later on.

G & S said...

Yes it was fun. Aunt Herma organized it and made each person have a different coloured dot (on name tag) and you had to sit with people with the same colour so you weren't sitting with your usual family members you sit with.

The PJ's are a gymboree ebay deal :)

Laura VMS said...

I like that first picture of Jared! Very cute! They definitely don't look like PJ's though!

Household of Faith said...

Cute pictures of your kids. Ethan has the same outfit that Jared is wearing in the bottom picture.