Friday, June 8, 2007

After a hard day of scrapbooking......

I came home to no came back on at almost 9pm. Cailyn was quite confused about nothing working. She thought everything needed new batteries.

Cailyn also have changed up the hot dogs for every meal! I am quite pleased to say that after a week or more of eating hot dogs she requested macaroni for supper. Fortunately, with a gas stove we can still make macaroni!

Here are the pages I got done today...a pretty productive day.

Ok - Just 1/2 of this was done today...the other 1/2 was from the last crop.

This needs a second 1/2 with his 3-6 month 'stats'

Title ideas???

Another one in need of a title

Here is a picture of Cailyn from this week. She asked to have me tie on her blankets and she stood infront of the fan saying "brr I so cold."This is Cailyn putting on her Dora do-rag by herself.


Anonymous said...

Nice pages! You got a lot done today. I really like the first layout you posted, with the blue and green.

G & S said...

Thanks - the paper was based on your mil saying that it would look good together with the pictures

Laura VMS said...

Wow! You get a lot done! Those are some great looking layouts!

Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

Can'tbelieve you got that much done!! Those are some pretty good pics by the way - nice blanket pic