Friday, May 25, 2007

SnapShots - 9 Months

Jared is 9 months old today. He now weighs 19lbs 6.4oz (Which is about the same as Cailyn at 9mths) . I tried to take some pictures of him outside by our willow but he was much more interested in the grass. So I didn't get very many pictures of him looking.


Laura VMS said...

Those are some very cute pictures! They turned out great! I love outdoor pictures of kids! I hope you are still feeling well!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Hard to believe he's 9 months old already - it'll be his birthday before you know it! I love the picture of Cailyn in the willow tree. The zoo pictures are fun too! :0)

VanDyks said...

Those are so cute! :D LOVE the willow tree, that's going to make for some great photos over the next few years.